Overview of the Health Education Specialist Practice Analysis II Project and Consent to Participate

The National Commission for Health Education Credentialing (NCHEC) and the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) are joint sponsors of a research project called the Health Education Specialist Practice Analysis II (HESPA II). The purpose of HESPA II is to describe and validate the practice of Health Education Specialists across work settings at entry and advanced levels and to validate the Areas of Responsibility, Competencies, and Sub-competencies as well as the knowledge required for proficient performance in the role. Once the HESPA II research has been completed, the validated framework will serve as the basis for the certification of Health Education Specialists and continuing professional development, as well as for the curricula used in academic settings to prepare Health Education Specialists at bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels.

The mission of NCHEC is to enhance the professional practice of health education by promoting and sustaining a credentialed body of Health Education Specialists. To meet this mission, NCHEC certifies Health Education Specialists, promotes professional development, and strengthens professional preparation and practice. Its charge is to develop and administer a national competency-based examination, develop standards for professional preparation, and promote professional development through continuing education for health education professionals.

Founded in 1950, SOPHE's mission is to provide global leadership to the profession of health education and health promotion and to promote the health of society. It is the only independent professional association in health education, representing nearly 4,000 health education professionals and students in the United States and 25 international countries. SOPHE members work in schools, universities, voluntary organizations, health care settings, and worksites and in local, state, and federal government agencies. SOPHE advances the profession of health education and health promotion by innovation in theory and research, excellence in professional preparation and practice, advocacy for public and organizational policies conductive to health, and the achievement of health equity for all.

Participants in the HESPA II study may work in any practice setting and at any level. Participants do not have to be a certified Health Education Specialist (CHES®/MCHES®). The study will close on January 31, 2019. You do not have to complete the entire survey instrument in one sitting; instead, you can re-enter the survey instrument as often as you need and begin where you left off.

Consent to Participate

If you need technical assistance completing the survey instrument, please contact surveys@scantron.com. If you have questions about the purpose or content of the survey, please contact James P. Henderson, Ph.D., the principal investigator, by email at jhenderson@castleworldwide.com.

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